Project Development

The term “Project Development” is referred to as converting a vision or dream in to reality. It covers the whole period of time starting from the feasibility studies, passing through the other processes of project development life cycle and ending with the completion of project.

Phases of Project Development

The complete analysis about the project which states that what is the need of developing it and either it has a similar project developed before or not. If so, then what is the improvement that needs to be made?
By Initiating a project it means that there must be certain plans and strategies build before starting a project in order to avoid hurdles and get the best possible outcome.
This phase includes gathering complete specifications of the project. Having each and every requirement of the project made clear by the client to work accordingly.
Here comes the time to convert the phrase “What is required” in to “How will it be done”. With the complete set of specifications you give your ideas a form of diagrams, videos, charts etc in this phase to have a clear view of what you are going to build.
This is the time to merge your plans and designs to actuate your project. This phase includes finally building your project with the help of all those previous phases and starts the project actuation.
In this phase your project gets implemented and becomes operational. By the time this phase arrives, the end user takes the ownership of the project after testing the project.


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